50% of women in India now believe that the violence inflicted by their partner is ‘normal’. Donate to help women fight against violence and stand for their rights and live a dignified and self-sustainable life. Help women and girls get access to education, legal support, healthcare, livelihood opportunities so they can be empowered to live a life free from violence and gender discrimination.

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  1. There are still some rules and restrictions to women even though India is an independent country.
  2. The first and foremost issue that is facing by women is child marriages. It leads to the psychological, social, mental and physical issues for that young girl.
  3. Another problem is the acid attack. It happened many times in India. It is done with the intention of taking revenge on a girl by throwing acid.
  4. Rape is one of the most significant issues that are faced by women in India. It destroys the entire life of a girl or woman. According to statistics, it is one of the most common crimes on a girl or woman all over the world.
  5. In tribal areas, women are beaten to death after accused of practising witchcraft. It is one of the superstitions in India.
  6. Domestic violence is one of the issues in India that women are facing. A woman is insulted or beaten by her husband and her relatives in the home.
  7. Next issue is the dowry system. Until today, it is practising in India.
  8. One of the most prevalent issues is sexual harassment. It also includes touching women publicly, teasing her.
  9. Honour killing is one of the issues that are faced by women in India. A girl will be killed for marrying against the wish of her parents and relatives.
  10. Female foeticide is another biggest issue. Family members will kill a girl child in the mother’s womb. It is because they consider a girl is a burden to them.

sanitary napkins for rural women

 It is estimated that of this 121 million girls and women dispose of about 21,780 million pads annually, which poses a major threat to the country’s waste management crisis. 



sanitary napkins for poor women

1. Only 36 Percent Women Use sanitary Pads In India.




Domestic violence victims

50% of women in India now believe that the violence inflicted by their partner is ‘normal’.




Maternal healthcare

Maternal Mortality Ratio of India has declined by 8 points from 130/ 100,000 live births in 2014-16 to 122/ 100,000 live births in 2015-20.

counselling for women

Depressive disorders account for close to 41.9% of the disability from neuropsychiatric disorders among women compared to 29.3% among men

Gift the joy of motherhood

Sponsor the overall costs incurred to support the women with pregnancy related risks.