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About 15 percent of India undernourished, One-third of food lost or wasted, 3,000 children die every day from hunger,Around 30 percent of newborns die from lack of nutrition. Please help us contribute bring change to this situation.

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About the cause: feed a family


    1. About 15 percent of India is undernourished. This statistic may not initially seem significant, but 15% of 1.34 billion people is roughly 199 million people. To put this in perspective, 199 million people is more than half of the United States. Currently, organizations such as BringChange has contributed to battle the issue, but it remains prevalent.
    2. One-third of food gets lost or wasted. According to the Indian Food Bank, 40% of vegetables and 30% of cereals produced are lost due to inefficiencies in the supply chain. New agricultural methods and the overall industrialization of India have sought to increase efficiency.
    3. Women account for 60% of India’s hungry population. 
    4. 3,000 children die every day from hunger. Those that survive have a high chance of living with hardships in the future. Organizations like Save the Children have turned to India to help decrease this number through aid in the form of food, hygiene, and education.
    5. Around 30 percent of newborns die from lack of nutrition. The Healthy Newborn Network has started to raise awareness regarding the issue because not enough is being done to address this specific aspect of hunger. Improving prenatal care is crucial in sustaining a healthy, growing population.
    6. 21 percent of the population lives on less than $1.90(Rs 139.35) per day. $1.90(Rs 139.35) is not nearly enough to live on sustainably. Programs set up by organizations such as Global Aware allow individuals in privileged areas to help solve the problem.
    7. India ranks 97th in addressing hunger. The country’s condition is worse than many believe. Despite being an economic powerhouse, India lacks the resources to properly fix its hunger issue. Foreign aid from other nations has helped in remedying part of the problem.

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