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90 percent Indian startups fail within the first five years, lack of innovation and funding being the main reason.

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  • The average time between funding rounds from Seed to Series A is 22 months, Series A to B is 24 months, and Series B to Series C is 27 months.
  • 95% of entrepreneurs have at least a bachelor’s degree.
  • Only 2 in 5 startups are profitable, and other startups will either break even (1 in 3) or continue to lose money (1 in 3).
  • 67% of Series A funded startups in 2017 were already generating revenue before being funded.
  • A 2018 study shows that a 60 year old is 3x as likely to build a successful startup than a 30 year old.
  • In 2018, there were 145 “active unicorns” in the U.S. collectively worth $555.9 billion.
  • In 2016, 69% of U.S. entrepreneurs started their business at home.
  • The time of year you pitch, the detailedness of your data, and the value of your pitch deck are a few of the strongest factors affecting the amount of funding a business receives.
  • 66% of small businesses will outsource services to other small businesses.
  • 82% of successful business owners admit they have the right qualifications and backed up experience to run a company, even with limited cash flow.
  • Paying attention to your customers is important since 14% of startups fail due to not regarding customers’ needs.
  • Founders who have failed previously have a 20% chance of success while first time first time founders have an 18% chance of success.
  • About 90% of startups fail.
  • The second largest reason why startups fail (29% of cases) is due to running out of funding and personal money.
  • Other notable cases of failure are a weak founding team (23%) and being beat by competition (19%).

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40% of startups shut down because they are not able to register before hitting the threshold turnover.








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90% of Startups shut down within 5 years because they’re funding does not reach section B or A.