Senior Citizens and Old Age Homes: A growing concern

There are 728 Old Age Homes in India today. Detailed information of 547 homes is available. Out of these, 325 homes are free of cost while 95 old age homes are on pay & stay basis, 116 homes have both free as well as pay & stay facilities and 11 homes have no information.

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About The Cause: senior citizens and Old age homes

  1. India has 103.9 million elderly, people above age 60, about 8.5% cent of the population.
  2. The elderly population has grown at about 3.5% per year, double the rate for the population as a whole.
  3. The statistics ministry report shows that the old-age dependency ratio, a measure of the pressure on the economically productive section of the population, rose from 10.9% in 1961 to 14.2%.
  4. 65% of the elderly in old age homes report themselves as either financially dependent or facing a financial crisis. Nearly 80% of those in financial trouble said it was due to medical costs.

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